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Beautiful Life"
Jennie Lawson
Self-care at your fingertips!
The Mimosa Sanctuary 
12 months program of week by week self-care
The Mimosa Sanctuary is here and ready for you.  
Come in. Breathe out. Indulge in the simple art of self-care.
Why join The Sanctuary vs buying monthly magazine?
We all love the feel and touch of a glossy magazine, there is no denying it! The way if feels in your hand and the satisfying feeling when you rip out a page and fold it nearly away to "look at when I need it" ... I was that person! I loved magazines and had a whole pile of pages that I never looked at, especially when I was in a stress whirlwind or entering down the speeding track of anxiety. The thing I went to was my phone, that magnet where I had calming mantras written in my notes, breathing apps and lots more right there in the palm of my hand. 

I spend alot of my life in a treatment room, it comes with the job title, and the conversations I have are both enlightening and frustrating. 50% inspire me to encourage, celebrate and educate clients on all things self care related, whereas the other 50% made me wish there was some way I could help more people in this world realise the beauty and simplicity in self-care and how to implement it into their daily lives. This is how The Sanctuary was formed! 

Now you don't need to remember where your pile of cuttings has gone when your in need of self- care because every week you will be able to access another new module full of self-care wisdom and guidance to help you build an enriched foundation and allow you to live your most beautiful life.
Welcome to the Mimosa Sanctuary
A place of serenity, rituals and calm ... not to mention eco friendly!!

A glimpse of what is to come!

Sanctuary Login Page

Inside The Online Members Sanctuary:
Here's what you get when you sign up:
  • Exclusive Content every month covering the most up-to-date specialist knowledge on everything from skin science, gratitude and self-care to beauty rituals and movement.
  • Downloadable checklists: I love anything that makes life just that little bit more efficient, don’t you?
  • A MASSIVE 20% Off All Retail Products (In Store). Worth the membership price alone!!
  • Free Access to the Mimosa Book Review Club.
  • Exclusive Treatment Offers for in salon treatments and promotions (because it’s always lovely to see you in person too!)
  • Finally taking time just for you, without feeling guilty about it (remember my mantra: ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’? So, so true!)
    Module Outline
    1.Self-care 101 - going back to basics
    2. Senses - how to implement them into every day consciously
    3. Rest - how to appreciate rest 
    4. Skin science - how it all really works 
    5. Movement - nourishing your body through movement
    6. Pain - understanding and accepting with celebration
    7. Environment - the importance of creating a sacred space in your home
    8. Rituals - the science of ritual forming and why
    9. Desire - intention setting and dreaming big!
    10. Calm and breath - reconnecting to self
    11. Respect - in all forms: self, planet and others
    12. Gratitude - Celebrating  gratitude for this year and moving forward
How It Works:
When you become a member of the Mimosa Beauty Online Sanctuary, you will have your own dedicated login details so you can come and go as you please. Over the next twelve months we're going to take you on a journey to living your most beautiful life, sharing incredible practical advice through video, audio and downloadable guides. 

Every month we will release a new module into the sanctuary covering everything from senses, body and skin, movement, desires, gratitude and much more.

Some of the modules will have downloadable guides and checklists so you can really hold yourself accountable, take part in our challenges and refer back to them in the future.
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 £9.99 per month or £99 for the year.

A Lovely Message From A Satisfied Customer

"My 10 year old suffers from anxiety, along with myself. Mimosa Sanctuary has not only allowed me to have some time to think about myself and my own self-care but also how I can help my son. We now have family self-care time and I am passing on your knowledge to him of self-care and how he can also relax and unwind so the anxiety in him doesn't build up. We love the Hair Pulling. Thank you again for showing us that in today's world, no matter what age you are those few moments each day of self-care are beneficial to us being our best self."
What Are You Waiting For?
Jennie Lawson founded Mimosa Beauty™ on a vision: that everyone deserves the opportunity to feel beautiful in a peaceful, and truly rejuvenating space which is not impacting the planet. She realised that creating the salon of her dreams would take two things: a deep passion for the work and an obsession with expertise.

Being 100% eco and "clean" is at the core of everything at Mimosa.

As Mimosa has grown from a beloved local salon to an internationally-recognised leader in the beauty industry, Jennie has been delighted to pass that ethos and expertise to her staff, each of whom she personally selects and trains.

Jennie specialises not only in advanced waxing which is what Mimosa has been known for but she is also a renowned skin specialist working with both medical skincare ranges and performing advanced cosmetic electrolysis treatments. Jennie also works within the transgender community with her electrolysis skills and was recognised for outstanding contribution to the industry in 2016.
We believe in a deeper kind of beauty; the kind that starts on the inside and works its way out, the kind that comes from feeling great in your body. It’s why we do what we do — because we’ve seen first hand just what a huge difference a good wax, a bespoke facial, or a personalised massage can make.

The truth is, we believe that every single person is beautiful, and it’s our deepest joy to help people see themselves like we see them: gorgeous, inside and out.
Need Help? Contact 01245 290334 or sanctuary@mimosabeauty.com

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