Find Calm in a Chaotic World

Learn to look after your wellbeing, mind-wellness and body, through strategies and techniques that will help you stand taller, be kinder to yourself and nourish your mind all from the palm of your hand.

Self Discovery

Self discovery is a solo adventure. This is why there is no Facebook group!

Create your own Sanctuary

Whether it is your home, or your mind, you will learn how to create and find calm and sanctuary everywhere.

Weekly modules full of wisdom

12 modules. New content is released weekly, giving you a welcomed time for calm and learning.

Postal Kits

Every other month you will receive an immersive self care postal kit to accompany our live zoom session for that month. 

"All the content is so so true! I'm soo grateful for everything that in part of this program xx"


Core Module Principles

1. Self-care 101 - Let's go back to basics of self-care and start with beautiful foundations.

2. Senses - Implement the joy of all your senses into every day.

3. Rest - Did you know there are 7 types of rest? In this module you will learn how to appreciate them all.

4. Skin science - Now this is what I love the most! Learn the fundamentals of skin and how it all really works.

5. Movement - Be mindful of your movement and learn how to nourish your body even from sitting at your desk.

6. Finding beauty in Pain - Sometimes accepting what is is the hardest part. This modules is about looking at pain, and coming at with with self-compassion and accepting pain in all it's forms.

7. Environment - It's all about the space that you call your very own sanctuary! The importance of creating a sacred space in your home and your mind.

8. Rituals - In this module it's about learning the science of ritual forming and how our brains work to get the best out of them.

9. Desire - Did you know your thoughts can create your reality? Learn the magical art of  intention setting and dreaming big!

10. Calm and breath -  WOW haven't we covered a lot already?! Now is the time for even deeper reconnection to self, marvel in how much you have learnt and discover what calm looks like to you.

11. Respect - Now this isn't just about respecting others, it's about honouring yourself, the planet and all the people around you through small acts.

12. Gratitude - Let us end the chapter by celebrating in gratitude, creating a grounding daily practice that will ensure every day is filled with gratitude!


  • Welcome treatment kit to accompany the first module of self-care

  • Monthly Zoom sessions with accompanying treatment kits throughout the year

  • 20% off all retail in the Mimosa Beauty salon & online shop

  • Content released weekly for monthly members

  • Access to exclusive members only sale discounts 

  • Exclusive content not found anywhere else!


What is Mimosa Sanctuary all about?

With lots of experimentation, I developed a series of practices that saw me through the day, using them to make the bad days better and the good days great. 

I had a few simple rules: they had to really work –– I don’t have any time for fluff, I wanted tangible results. They had to be universal, because I wanted to be able to share them with anyone and everyone. And above all, they had to be easy to do on even the toughest days.

 This kind of self-care support simply does not  exist anywhere else.

I’d love for you to have it.

A place of serenity, rituals and calm, not to mention eco-friendly by being in the palm of your hand!

It’s my deepest wish that you live a life that feels truly beautiful –– and that only comes from knowing how to truly care for yourself.

Join the Mimosa Online Sanctuary and start building your most beautiful life today!

We don't have a facebook group so that you have the privacy of using this for your own discovery and finding ways that work for you without judgement of others.

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"Thank you again for showing us that in today's world, no matter what age you are those few moments each day of self-care are beneficial to us  being our best self.

The Mimosa Sanctuary has allowed me to have some time to think about myself, showing me how to focus on own self-care. The breathing ritual has helped calm my anxiety and the scalp pulling has been fantastic for my 10 year old son and has help manage his anxiety.

I have been able to teach him your rituals so he can also relax and unwind. We now have family self-care time and I love passing on your knowledge!"


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Meet Jennie 

Hey beautiful!

I'm Jennie and I'm here to take you on a journey of self discovery.

We all get a little overwhelmed, consumed and sometimes lost in our heads and hearts, and this is why creating rituals are so important.

I have spent the last 14 years speaking to women just like you who need a little more calm in their worlds. We are not talking about that 10 night all inclusive trip to the Maldives (the calm luxe!), we are talking about moments every day where you find a little bit of peace and joy.

My background is that I am a CIDESCO (the top international qualification in beauty) qualified beauty therapist and founder of Mimosa Beauty - a multi-award winning, 100% landfill free beauty salon.

I help people find healing through my holistic approach to skin and all over wellbeing. What I realised was that there was never enough time during a treatment to talk about all the things people can do to help with their wellbeing, body confidence and most of all, ways to feel calm. That is how the Mimosa Sanctuary was born.


I want to learn more about the Sanctuary

For any questions or queries please do not hesitate to touch base with Jennie. 

Email: [email protected]

Company contact number: 07719305574

I'm not ready yet but would love to have a taster

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