No matter your experience level with mindfulness and rituals, this 6 episode course is for you!

Plug your headphones in and enjoy!

No matter your experience level with mindfulness and rituals, this 6 part course is for you!


These 6 lessons will teach you how simple rituals can help you build resilience in a chaotic world. 


The introduction of these simple but practical strategies can change the way you look at the world. However basic they might be, we have found that these tools have worked continuously for hundreds of people over the pandemic and the years that have followed.

Breathe & Soothe

Respect & Gratitude

Mindfulness & Senses

Have you been feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious lately? You're not alone. In today's chaotic world, it's more important than ever to take care of yourself and practice small rituals for every day.

That's where Rituals to Resilience comes in. This 6-part audio series is designed to help you create daily rituals that promote calm and mindfulness. The series is broken down into six pillars: breath, mindfulness, respect, soothe, gratitude, and senses.

The course was piloted in 2020 with over 200 participants, and the results were astounding. Every single person reported an improvement in their levels of calm and state of mind. By engaging in these small rituals each day, you can build resilience and improve your overall well-being.

So if you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, consider trying Rituals to Resilience. These are simple yet effective ways to take care of yourself and prioritise your mental health and mind wellness.