Hey You!

Thanks for wandering over to the Mimosa Sanctuary!

Everyone loves receiving post and here we have combined it with beautiful self-care rituals and new wisdom right onto your door mat!

Whether it is for yourself or a loved one, you will find everything you need on this page.

Jennie x

At home self-care kit

£9.50 GBP
At home- Skin peel kit

£10.00 GBP
Try me - at home facial kit

£7.50 GBP

Sheet Mask Kits

Renew sheet mask kit - For pigmentation

£12.50 GBP
Restore Sheet Mask & Kit - For Anti-inflammatory & Hydrating

£12.50 GBP
Anti-Aging Sheet Mask & Kit - Tightening & Refreshing

£12.50 GBP
Refine Charcoal Sheet Mask & Kit - For Open Pores

£12.50 GBP

Testimonial: Eva

Having been used to having fantastic regular skin care at Mimosa for the last 6 years, my skin was seriously in need of this home peel kit. Used this 3 times over a week and my skin has completely improved. Definitely going to use this regularly from now on.

Buying for a friend or loved one?

GIFT - Try me - Self-care kit

£9.50 GBP
GIFT - Try me - at home facial kit

£7.50 GBP

Testimonial:  Ali

This was wonderful, enlightening and the try at home kit was such a lovely thing to receive in the post. The products were well explained, and the reasons behind their use. But what really stood out was the decades of experience of working with real people and the knowledge that brings to answer questions and advise. Thank you Jennie.